Whole30 1/4

Breakfast was hurried this morning because I was called into work early. I was going to bake some egg white bakes in muffin tins but I couldn’t find my muffin tins. I thought it would bake similarly in a sauce pan over the stove (my logic was certainly wrong.) Although it didn’t turn out as planned, it was still a light breakfast that packed a protein punch.

Not pictured: Blackberries as a side and a large cup of coffee


Lunch: (not pictured) Cooked chicken breast with chili powder, diced tomato and mushrooms served in a lettuce wrap. It was really flavorful! I didn’t even pine for any dressing.

I will be at work for dinner tonight. The work gals let me know that a pizza party was planned for dinner. The temptations heighten! I am bringing a precooked meal to alleviate the pressure of eating pizza. The lean beef burger is sandwiched between kale and fried mushrooms, onions and yellow squash. As a side I am having raw broccoli and cucumber.

If anyone has any suggestions for Whole30 compliant dips for raw veggies please let me know.


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