Breakfast/Brunch and Dinner 1/3

Today I slept in till almost eleven o’clock so I decided brunch would suit me nicely. I hollowed out some red and yellow peppers and whipped up:

  1.  2 eggs, a bunch of chopped portabella mushrooms, and some chile powder for taste.
  2. I poured the mixture in and baked at 375 for about 15 minutes.
  3. Super simple and delish!

(I made the yellow pepper a little differently with just putting in two eggs without whipping them. My roommate doesn’t like shrooms.)

If I were to change anything I would let them cook a little longer, and pour out the liquid from the mushrooms about halfway through baking. Mushrooms create some liquid while cooking. I would also perhaps serve a side like potato wedges fried in oil.

Chile Powder Added for Seasoning
Cooking for about 15 minutes at 375!

I am clearly learning more while doing the Whole30 because just a few seconds ago I discovered that I shouldn’t have eaten “brunch.” I learned that one of the goals is to get the body used to three solid meals a day instead of snacking throughout the day or under-eating. (BUT MY VENISON SAUSAGE SNACKS WERE SO GOOD!) So tomorrow I will work on that. I also started to feel a little discouraged because I bought chicken broth that has 1 gram of sugar in it which means it’s a no-go. Buying all of the “right” ingredients can be stressful! Organic is always more expensive and although some of my food is organic, a lot of it isn’t. Price is a huge factor since I am a college student, and I started to question if this was really going to work. You’re not organic enough. This really isn’t something you should be trying right now in your life. My mind was having a little negative moment until I stumbled along a page on the Whole30 site which made me feel much better about everything:

Obviously, it is best to purchase the best organic, grass-fed ingredients. However, that isn’t possible 100% of the time! As long as I am staying away from sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy, and legumes, I am doing okay. I am eating colorful meals full of WHOLE FOODS and I am learning to COOK. (Which is kind of a miracle.)

I’m also kind of juiced that LaCroix AND almond milk are A-Okay for me to be drinking. I do love water but I don’t know if I could stick to only water for 30 days. Anyway… Here’s dinner:

Spaghetti squash gutted and brushed with coconut oil, salt, and pepper
Chicken breast, chopped and pan fried in COCONUT OIL
Fried onion and garlic, in you guessed it: COCONUT OIL!
Onions, salt, pepper, water, chile powder, and cherry tomatoes. (I added chicken and spinach soon after.)
Served over spaghetti squash with a side of corn, green beans, and a baked potato with ghee/ coconut oil- not 100% about the ghee tbh.
  • Here’s the RECIPE
    • I subbed out the broth for simple water with spices! I honestly didn’t know what else to do since I don’t have any broth without sugar yet. I used much less water than the required broth and I think it turned out great. My roommates loved it!
    • I would definitely make this again!!!! It does take a while to make though.

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