Can Blogs and Wikis Be Merged? #en3177

Mike Caulfield raised the question:

As I’ve been working on Wikity (my own federated wiki inspired project) I’ve been struggling with this question: to what extent is there value in breaking down the wall between blogging and wiki, and to what extent are these two technologies best left to do what they do best?

in his post Can Blogs and Wikis Be Merged?

My answer is “No” because I think it would raise a few issues. Here’s why:

It’s obvious that blogs and wikis are very different on the surface. The first thing that pops into my head when I think of wikis is note-taking, looking at other people’s ideas and notes and collaborating with them as well as others who might want to add ideas or information. When I think of blogging I think of posting for enjoyment, for school, and for raising awareness on certain topics. People can raise their own opinions in the comments but they cannot change anything that I wrote. I think that’s the main thing distinction between blogs and wikis. There are some people who don’t want other people to change what they post. This would be an issue with wikis for some because others can go in and change what you had to say. This is good in some situations- group projects for example. However, I wouldn’t want someone going into my blog and changing what I have to say.

From my understanding of wikity people can “grab” what the original writer posted and drag it into their own post. This would be okay in some ways but it also creates some copyright issues. What if the information posted was under strict copyright laws? Is that infringement? I guess my final answer is that they should be left to be separate. If blogs and wikis were “combined” I would say that there should be “personal” and “public” designs to be used if the two were combined. If someone wanted to let people collaborate with them it could be allowed and if the person didn’t want that they could make it “personal”.

One final thought- Mike’s post was posted on a blog- not a wiki. And not Wikity. Why is that? I think it’s because blogs are a good place to seek answers and other people’s opinions without actual collaboration happening in the actual wiki page. In my opinion blogs are much neater and easier to navigate. This makes them more accessible for the average human being.

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