Eel Pout

I have never felt more like a Minnesotan than I did this weekend at Eel Pout. The weather was nice in Walker, MN at the International Eelpout Festival. The downside to nice weather is that this festival takes place on a frozen lake… which ended up not being as frozen as I would have liked. I’m very glad that I wore rain boots because I was standing ankle deep in water most of the weekend.

I will say it was a great time though. A bunch of people had built giant tents on the ice with DJ’s, strobe lights, and crowds of people inside. There were 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, and ATV’s ripping around on the ice. People attached couches on skis to the back of their vehicles and gave people rides around the lake. There was a helicopters that landed on the lake to give people rides in it. It was pretty crazy! Having a nice fishhouse to crash in at the end of the night was an added bonus. I don’t envy the people who had to drive back to Bemidji the same night.

We didn’t actually end up catching any eel pout but we did catch five walleyes. (Even though they were rather small.)


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