Wikis, Healthy Eats, and Stock Photos

As you might already realize by the title of this… I’m gonna get prrreeeeettty random with this post.

Part 1:  Dear #en3177 classmates, or anyone else who follows me… Check out My Wiki Page! My bio is up and I’ll have my notes page started by today. The wiki setup was relatively easy for me since this is my fourth class working with wikis. I’m sending out encouragement to all of ya’ll! still setting up your page and if you have any questions just let me know!

Part 2: Healthy Eats. I’ve been doing relatively well at eating healthy. I’ve noticed this trend where I start out in the morning eating healthy and being really conscious about what I’m eating. Then, later in the day I get hangry and eat EVERYTHING. ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE. ALL OF THE SNACKS. Then I realize that I majorly messed up my clean eating for the day and entirely give up for the rest of the day. I usually make some kind of lame excuse which usually involves the phrase “I’ll try it again tomorrow! Fresh start!” Which never actually works btw… So here are a few of the meals I’ve been eating in the mornings while I’m still on track. 😛 I will say that it’s been really rewarding cooking for myself.


Part 3: A couple weeks ago I talked about an awesome free stock photo website. I decided to look into it a little bit more and found an article that compiled a list of the best free stock photo sites. Here’s a few of my favorites!

  1. The Stocks
  2. Pexels
  3. Splash Base
  4. Jay Mantri
  5. Unsplash
Here a few examples of awesome photos from these sites!

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