Jack n’ Jill

Jack n’ Jill Jack and Jill.
Johnny and June.
Bonnie and Clyde.
They all found themselves in sticky situations.
Here are Jack and Jill.
You think you know the rhyme, probably at least the first part- but that’s not the real story…
/Jack and Jill went up the hill/ to fetch a pail of water/ Jack fell down/ and broke his crown/ and Jill came tumbling after/ Up Jack got/ And home did trot/ as fast as he could caper/ went to bed/ to mend his head/ with vinegar and paper/
That’s the way you learned it in the book of rhymes your Grandma had laying around her house when you were little. The thing with hills is that they’re hard to climb but easy to fall down. Jack and Jill’s hill was metaphorical if you will.
This is how it really went…
Jack was a fucked up blend of anxiety, adrenaline and drugs. Not the drugs prescribed for his anxiety. Why did Jill fall for him? She still doesn’t know. Maybe it was because their names rhymed, although that’s unlikely. Maybe it was because sometimes puzzle pieces fit even when they’re not supposed to. They started out at the bottom of the hill and began climbing. Jack and Jill began to hang out. She was a good influence on him everyone said. Acquaintances congratulated her on her generosity and time spent on Jack. Jill felt proud to make a difference in someone’s life.
Climb climb climb. Jill’s “homework sessions” turned into riding up the mountain pass with Jack smoking cigs in his junky car. The altitude increased and they got higher. He asked her out and she said yes. They hopped on the roller coaster called the R.M.S. Titanium.
Up up up. They were in love. She was so good for Jack everyone thought… but Jack was so bad for her. Jack was second hand smoke. Then Jack was drinking. Then Jack morphed into hard drugs. Then Jack was depression. But Jill loved Jack so everything was okay. The two of them were on this ride together. She craved him. Her tongue was dry and Jack was the only thing that could quench her thirst.
Higher higher higher. What was Jack’s name? What is Jack? JATSD? JKALLKGGGGGGK… FUCK. FUCK. Jill needed water. Jill couldn’t breathe. Suddenly Jill realized that life wasn’t as long as she thought it was. She thought she was invincible and now she was gasping for air. Jack looked over and hazily saw Jill lying there. His dry mouth cracked into a red sunset smile. They teetered on the edge together for a moment and then…
Down down down. They tumbled down the hill. Their tangled puppet strings snapped apart as they bounced from rock to rock. Jack had never really loved Jill. Jill had never really loved Jack. They both loved the idea of each other. But that was all.
The whole Jack “mending his crown” part wasn’t real. Jill died of a drug overdose. Jack died hours later. Don’t be like them. Even when others tell you how “good” you are, how “big” your heart is, or how “long” your life will be… don’t listen to them. They don’t know you like you know you. The people you are friends with WILL change you- no matter what.
Don’t be a Jack or Jill. Don’t thirst for something that hurts you. Life here on this earth is short- not long.
Written by Emma L. Guthrie; all rights reserved.

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