Selfie-Expressions pt. 2

In my first self-portrait I showed off my professional side. I think that everyone has many different “parts” of themselves that adds up to the whole person. I have more than three sides but I’ll do my best to explain just the three. This second side would be my young, wild, and crazy fun-loving, dancing, artistic side. This part of me is down for anything and free spirited. It’s the side of myself that shows when I get really excited about something because this element of my personality is fueled by passion.

Sometimes I’ll pour a glass of wine and start painting. Four hours later I’ll realize that it’s 4 AM and that I’m not at all tired. I have stayed up all night numerous times painting until I have something I sort of like. I usually always find something wrong with the painting but this painting of the eye was one I was actually proud of.


I love going to music festivals. It might be really high school but I have never had a bad time jamming with my friends at one. I always tell myself that “this year is the last year” but the next year rolls around and we assemble a group of people to go once again. There’s something so free-spirited and open minded about the people, the dress, the attitude. There are so many interesting people out there. Plus- the music is great. I would like to go to Coachella at some point in my life.

. 11227767_1109243865756146_1603110666277069308_nFashion is something that I’ve always enjoyed. It might sound superficial but I do like to look nice. It’s fun to create different outfits, and even design them. I guess this kind of gos with the drawing/painting artistic side but I really enjoy drawing up concept art of different outfits. This part of myself was inherited from my mother. She modeled for a while when she was younger and was planning on going to a design school for fashion before she had kids. I’m guessing my interest in fashion was an inherited trait. She would design and sew a lot of my clothes when I was younger and she still alters anything I need altered. I grew up with fashion so it’s a part of who I am.



3 thoughts on “Selfie-Expressions pt. 2

  1. I would agree that we all have many “parts” to us that certain people see different parts of us. For example, how we are at work, with our family, with our friends, alone, etc. Good point and thanks for sharing pieces of your identity! Btw, painting is like writing. I always find mistakes and want to make things better, but I have to respect that I am human and maybe something I think is wrong, others may not see like that. Anyway, both of those pieces of work you posted are beautiful.

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