There are many different ways of self-expression in this century. I think as time goes on the quantitative, written, and “selfie” expressions have all opened dramatically. I read most of Rettberg’s Seeing Ourselves Through Technology before writing this and I agree with everything she included in her book. The “selfie” has certainly evolved over time. It’s interesting how they can portray so many different things about you. Even if you are taking a selfie that doesn’t resemble anything that you’re interested in it still tells something about you. For example, if I took a selfie where I was “acting” such as Rettberg mentioned Cindy Sherman claimed she did in all of her “selfies” it would tell my audience that I was able to take on a different persona or character.

Selfies can be used as a tool to show your audience what you’re interested in. They can make you look mysterious, funny, serious, or anything else you wish to look like. You could take a selfie that would make you look professional. That is what the selfie in this post does. I work in the Writing Resource Center on campus as a Writing Consultant. I am professional, friendly, and someone who teaches other students during my shifts there. I wouldn’t act the same working there as I would working with my clients at the group-home. Likewise, if I was out with friends on a Friday night and happened to take a selfie I would be putting forward another way to be perceived. The expression, stance, and dress in the selfie all give the viewer clues to who I am and what I’m trying to be.

In this selfie I am friendly, dressed conservatively, and ready to greet someone.


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