Weekly Reflection #2

I will be completely honest and say this hasn’t been the best week. When I have weeks like these I remind myself that “it’s not a bad life it’s just a series of bad days”. Or “this too will pass”. I’m not exactly sure where this week went wrong because when I think about the events that happened I actually feel like it should have been a good week. I went bowling, went out to eat, fished, house-sat, was able to hang out with friends, etc. I think working eight hour shifts every day for the last six days has been burning me out. Last week I said that I was really going to try and make an effort to start posting some pictures that I took by myself. I worked really hard at taking some pictures so here’s a few from my week! 🙂

When I work that much I feel like a deserve to do something fun. So I do. I do all of the fun things plus work. Then I don’t get any sleep and my week goes down the drain. Coffee is wonderful but it’s not a sleep substitute. I also had some struggle with making flight arrangements for time in Europe. Just when you think everything is going great it goes up in flames… I wrote about this in my post Connections: They Can Be a Pain.  Luckily, I did get a little down time on Sunday where I got to relax, write, have some devotional time, and eat delicious home-made soup while house-sitting. You can check out this zen experience in my post Comfort Food. One strange thing that happened was my YouTube video on “Tasty” food post was taken down. It said that “the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated. I thought that was a little strange…

I did learn a lot this week though. I posted two posts about what I discovered from our readings about what a blog really is. (What Makes a Blog a Blog and What Makes a Blog a Blog Part II). Part two I expanded upon my own ideas and was able to incorporate some of my other classmates ideas in as well. I enjoyed reading other bloggers posts and commenting on them. I especially enjoyed Eric, Destiny, and Melissa’s blog posts this week on what a blog really is. I have found it really difficult to meet my deadlines this week. I think it’s ridiculous because I always do post everything I need to post but always a few hours late. This means that if I started just a little bit earlier I would have been fine! Ugh. My frustration in myself sometimes. This goes hand in hand with finding that balance between a social life, working full time, sleeping at least eight hours, and being a full time student. I KNOW THAT I CAN DO IT. I just need to find a way that works. Any suggestions #en3177?

P.S. I touched upon my friend Shane’s webzine Issues earlier this week in my post. If you haven’t go a chance yet, check it out! It’s a five star magazine.


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