Connections: They can be a pain.

So… this is going to be a rant. If you don’t want to hear me rant… LEAVE.


SO YOU WANT TO HEAR ME RANT? You’re still reading so I’m going to guess yes.

I’m on hold with the airline while I write this so I’m getting more and more fed up as the elevator music blares and goes on and on and on and on. I’ve been on hold for 45 minutes now.

Connections suck- no I don’t mean connections in the blogging world- although I am complaining about these connections on a blog so I guess it is part of the blogging world… Anyway, I am getting really fed up with booking flights for Eurospring. The issue is partly my fault. I have never booked a flight before so booking a flight to Ireland was a pretty big deal for me. Unfortunately, I bought my ticket which was a round trip with a layover in Chicago. The flight was changed and I ended up on a different flight than the people I was supposed to travel with. To make it worse, I only have an hour layover on the way back to the US. (Not enough time to make it through customs.) I called the airline to switch my flight but WHO COULD HAVE GUESSED IT COSTS $150 to switch a flight??!

Here’s where it’s my fault: I booked my flight from Ireland to England on the wrong day! I must have been too hopped up on adrenaline and coffee because I didn’t even notice until the next day. LESSONS LEARNED.

I finally talked to someone after being on hold for an hour!!! I’m still frustrated but I managed to not have to pay the $150 dollars so that’s a huge relief. Conclusion: Planning trips can be confusing and take a lot of patience. However, I am getting REALLY REALLY EXCITED!


3 thoughts on “Connections: They can be a pain.

  1. That’s awesome that you’re doing Eurospring! I’m going to Switzerland for the fall semester in September so I definitely know what you mean when you say that trips can be confusing… but hopefully I’m getting just a bit closer day by day!

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