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Happy Hump Day. I know you’re all trudging through your Wednesday gleefully realizing the week is halfway through. I’m currently gazing at the snow-globe that’s outside. It would be a lot prettier if I had found a parking spot closer to campus this morning. Looking out into a snow-globe is great but walking four blocks in a snow-globe is less desirable.

Anyway, I want to let ya’ll know of something that is GUARANTEED to brighten your Wednesday- and possibly make you laugh till you pee. Do you know Shane Gretzky? (He’s a BSU alumn.) Anyway, Shane and his friend Alex decided to publish an online magazine where they can amuse us peasants. His FB status about this FREE MOBILE DEVICE COMPATIBLE magazine was:

So I’ll just say it like it is: Alex and I started this shit simply because we wanted to make people laugh. We want for people to enjoy what we do. That’s it. If something else comes from it, then awesome. We pay $50 per issue so that you guys can view it on a mobile device because we really want for you to at least check it out. We’d love to know what you like and what you don’t like. We’d love to hear about whether or not it got you thinking about something funny on your own. We’d love to hear pretty much anything. Facebook is convoluted with garbage. This magazine might be part of the garbage, sure, but it’s real stuff created by some people who care about what they’re doing. If after all of this rambling, you want to read our magazine, we’d be super appreciative of any and all feedback. We want to make this something worth reading. We certainly feel like it’s something worth creating.

Here’s where you can read:



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