What ARE blogs for?

My first experience with blogging was in middle school. My friend Ruthie and I decided that it would be fun to make a blog talking about random thoughts we had as middle schoolers. We created it and then never posted on it. So there’s probably still a blog page set up somewhere in cyber space collecting cobwebs from years ago. Back then I thought blogs were a place where you could share neat tricks, tips, and thoughts with the entire blogging community.

A couple months ago I watched an independent Netflix film called “Ask Me Anything”. If you are reading this and don’t have anything better to be doing right now you should watch it! From watching this film I was inspired to create an anonymous blog in which I could literally write whatever I wanted. My goal was to write things that I wouldn’t tell anyone. I could expose deep, dark secrets. I could tell things exactly how they are without having anyone know it was me. The blog wasn’t under my name and I created a separate e-mail specifically for it. I word-vomited everything I didn’t want anyone to know to literally the entire internet. AND IT FELT SO GOOD. I had a ton of views because the things I wrote were what everyone secretly felt. I eventually stopped because I realized

when you’re actually living your life you don’t have as much time to write about it.

In Blogging, Second edition there was a quote by Carolyn Burke that really summed up what my beliefs on blogs were at this point in my life. She wrote,

I wanted everyone in the world to expose their inner lives to everyone else . Complete open honest people. What a great and ideal world would result.

Now I’m in the Weblogs and Wikis Class so I have a feeling that my opinions on blogging might once again change. I think that there are many different uses for blogs. According to Wikipedia blogs used to typically focus on a single topic. I think they can be used now as more of a social networking service. Wikipedia said that the use of blogs has been opened up hugely in recent years. Blogs can be used for education purposes. They can be used to showcase your art, your writing, etc. These would be classified as “personal blogs”.

Businesses could have blogs which would be a lot more professional and use a “higher” rhetoric. Blogs open up opinions to the public. Politicians often use them to spread their ideas and news. People reblog. They share. They like. It’s even possible to find a job using your blogging experience. Blogging is an aspect of networking.

Blogging Junction was able to categorize blogs into 4 Types:

  1. Company Blogs– keep customers/ public updated about the companies activities, goals, etc.
  2. Personal Blogs– people use these to talk about their day to day activities. If their lifei is especially exciting (think celebs) their blogs might be more interesting. However, I think it’s refreshing to read non-famous people’s personal blogs. I like that I can relate with random people that may be on the other side of the world. There is something so interpersonal about personal blogging.
  3. General Blogs– The blogger doesn’t write about a specific category. They talk about many different topics- excluding themselves.
  4. Niche Blogs– I think these are also called “topic blogs”. They relate to a specific topic. (Sports, technology, food, animals)
My question would be what about the blogs that don’t fit these categories? What would a blog be that sometimes uses the third person stance and other times uses the first person be classified as? Personal? I think the bottom line is that your blog is going to be whatever you make it. How? What you post, what design features you use, who you follow, etc.
A business blog is going to have a Blogroll with other businesses or connections on it. It might even link to their FB, Twitter page, website, etc. Using Widgets to enhance the type of blog you are creating is also something to consider. Some widgets are more useful for personal blogs.
In Blogging, Second Edition by Rettburg she compared blogging with many of today’s social media networks have similarities with blogs. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest all can be compared to blogs. I thought it was interesting that Twitter was compared to “micro-blogging”. Some of the first blogs were very similar to Twitter’s “tweets”. I also appreciated when Rettburg talked about “vlogging” or video blogging. In my opinion, vlogging is the future of blogging for both personal and non-personal blogs. It isn’t confidential because everyone can see who you are while blogging- unless they can’t see you. What if someone did a vlog series where there face was in shadow? And their voice was changed?

How are you all using your blogs? What “type” would you classify your blog as?


6 thoughts on “What ARE blogs for?

  1. I totally watched that movie last year when I was being a hermit. I loved it, it’s such an interesting movie! It’s super cool that you actually created an anonymous blog. And I know what you mean when you said your view or idea of what blogging is keeps changing. When I watched “Julie and Julia” (I think that’s the name), with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep, I thought blogging had to have a consistent theme (she was cooking from Julia Child’s cookbook and would post what were basically diary entries on how it worked out on her blog), but then I was in Literary Arts and my idea of blogging changed to poems and then now I’m in this class.

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  2. I think it would be really cool to see what blogging would become if the Creative Commons movement really takes off. Since blogging has a lot of potential as a medium on the internet, it would be interesting to see the creative environment that erupts. Maybe in the future we’ll see one book written by 1,000 people that originated as a web of blog posts. Is that how it works? Please tell me that’s how it works.


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