Updates on CC, RSS, Gravatars, etc.

This has been a pretty crazy weekend! It was my first weekend off work in a while so it was really nice getting to relax and even go to a hockey game with friends.

I added a Creative Commons Licence notice in my “About” page. Katiee’s blog post Is This Mine or Yours had some great information about Creative Commons Licenses. I’m stuck in between letting everyone recreate my work or not letting anyone do such a thing. It brought me back to my Aesthetics Philosophy Class I took last semester. The philosopher Meleau-Ponty believed that art (literary works included) should constantly be improving. He believed that no artist should ever be fully satisfied with their work and that they should be always looking to improve it. To me, this means that if someone else wants to improve upon my work GOOD FOR THEM. I want this society to advance and improve upon itself. Nobody sees things from the exact same viewpoint. Other people may have ideas that would better my work that I wouldn’t even be able to think of. I have stopped using “stolen” images so that’s an improvement! I am getting all of my pictures that I don’t take personaly from a free image site.

Feedly might be a little overrated. It’s great for reading other people’s posts but I don’t like that I can’t comment or like people’s posts directly on Feedly without opening a new tab- and I like to comment on things! I also haven’t been able to get FB or Twitter working with Feedly.

I think I fixed my Gravatar! Before, it wasn’t showing up when I posted things but I ended up changing my picture again and it’s working now. So that’s a relief. I think more people will comment, like, and follow my blog/posts when I have a visible gravatar picture.

I included a few classmates blogs in my blogroll. I am still tinkering with a few aspects of my blog but for the most part I’m really happy with it. I’m excited to talk to all of you #en3177 students and see how you’re all doing with this setup process.




3 thoughts on “Updates on CC, RSS, Gravatars, etc.

  1. I feel the exact same way about giving people my creations or having a strict policy about not having my work. I like how you put that everyone sees things in a different perspective! If someone could my blog even better, why wouldn’t I want them too? They would have to credit my blog from what they started off with but then this could you even more ideas to create more on a blog. This really got me thinking about licensing for my blog. I’m still confused on the gravatar picture, I can see my picture on my blog but I have no idea if other people are being able to see it! But I def agree that if their is a face/picture to a blog more people are liking to spot it. Love your blog Emma!


  2. I would agree with you and Melissa. I am not 100% sure if I feel strongly about not letting people use my Intellectual Property. I am going to start a mound garden at my house, and if it wasn’t for the information that I am reading from websites, blogs, magazines, etc. I would be lost. So… I’m struggling, but I think I will stick with what Creative Commons helped me to decide. Emma, great post and your blog is very appealing image/text wise! I love it all together.


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