Left left left right left… Bootcamp Reflection

Put the right foot in front of the left and just keep on going. I have been sitting in this leather rocking chair for five hours now working on my online classes. So, the first thing I will reflect upon is time. Blogging takes time! I mentioned in my last blog post, What ARE bogs for? that when you’re actually out living life it becomes harder and harder to keep up with the blogging, commenting, reading, etc. I love writing but the fact is you’re not living when you’re writing about living. So ironic. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of getting reconnected with blogging, learning about Creative Commons, Copyright, RSS, and other blogging essentials. It has been time consuming, frustrating at times, and rewarding at others. I have really enjoyed reading other classmates blogs. There are some people that I would have never expected to be such great writers. I like the honest posts where we complain about what a bitch things are to set up, how much we hate the cold, but manage to find the beauty in this land that freezes off our faces. It’s strange learning about people in the class without even talking to them face to face.

I won’t lie- it’s been tough meeting all of the deadlines. I’ve been super anal about the deadlines and I’ve meticulously mapped them out in my planner. It has also helped to make blog post drafts with the title of what post needs to be done next. I have met every deadline so far and it’s a great feeling! Not to sound narcissistic but I’m really proud of what I’ve done the last two weeks in bootcamp. (Which sounds like I’m in basic or something.) I think I’ve gained valuable planning skills. (I had to skip going out with friends Friday to meet the deadline.) Since then, I’ve been trying to work ahead and not wait until the last possible second to post. (Hence why I’m posting right now and not tomorrow when it’s due.)

My post Updates explains my final thoughts on CC, Copyright Laws, RSS, Blogrolls, Widgets, Gravatars, etc. I think my biggest success was getting my Gravatar to show up. I added a Creative Commons License notice in my “About” page. I’m still a little confused about CC but I have a much better grasp than I did initially. I was originally using other people’s pictures which was definitely “stealing”. The website Free Images has SO MANY BEAUTIFUL IMAGES that you can use without infringing on anyone’s copyright. I plan on using a lot of pictures I will take myself but for times I can’t I’ll be using that site. For the future, I plan on changing the pictures which are the background and header of my blog since they’re technically stolen. I will either use pictures that I have taken or pics from a free image site. Here’s some of my favorite free pics I’ve found so far:

Reading other people’s findings on RSS, and CC Laws was neat because 1.) I could relate to everything they were saying (0r complaining) about and 2.) I was able to extract some of their finding and learn from it! I summed up my findings in my post Discoveries on Copyright and the CC Movement. I agreed with Jane on her thoughts regarding Feedly in her post. My main problem with Feedly is that I can’t comment on people’s blogs without opening a new tab. I can view their posts but what’s the point if I have to open a new tab to comment anyway? I thought that Kaitee’s blog post Is this mine or yours? summed up CC pretty well. Her post gave me the idea to add a CC Notice on my “About Page”.

I was able to add a blogroll where I added a few blogs I enjoy reading out of my classmates as well as other blogs. Adding the blogroll was definitely the most difficult thing I had to do. I really struggled with it and had to watch a few tutorials to get it down. I still have a few of the blogroll sites that were default  so my goal is to eventually get rid of those and make all of them my own blogroll sites. I talked about the struggles of setting up RSS/Blogrolls in this post.  My Instagram feed widget looks really swell on the side of my blog. I post quite frequently on Insta so it’s cool that it showcases the pictures I post! That’s one of my favorite elements of my blog and one of the most enjoyable to see carried out. I also changed the Categories Section to say “Organization is Key”. I added a few new categories and deleted a few that were irrelevant for my blog. If I could redo this blog element I would have added the right categories to begin with. It was a lot harder to go back in and figure how to change them.

I am still eating clean and going to the gym nearly every day! I think blogging about what I’m doing has made me more conscientious about actually doing it. It seems more real once it’s written down where people can see it. My favorite things to post about are still very random and personal. I think if I did have a “topic” blog it would fun but I’d like to continue my personal one as well. Two of my favorite blog posts of my own this week were Opinions because it was on something that’s a “hot topic” in today’s society and Past Recollection because it came from the heart.


In sum; I think I’m ready for whatever is next. I have been posting every day (sometimes twice a day if I have a lot to say). I think I have a pretty good grasp on WordPress now and the power of Google is incredible for questions. The Missing Manual has also been incredibly helpful. I have learned from my WCW class that deadlines need to be taken seriously and syllabi need to read thoroughly. Therefore I made sure to get my list of Blog Uses posted well before the 26th. My goal for the future is to hopefully have a few posts about painting! I love to paint and I haven’t made the time for it lately. It will be interesting to meet up on Tuesday and talk to everyone in person again and not in cyberspace.


-the blogger who conquered Bootcamp.






One thought on “Left left left right left… Bootcamp Reflection

  1. Poppies. But it’s also good to hear that you find deadlines as hard to meet as I do, that you found the Missing Manual useful, and that Feedly’s web interface is not the way to go. But with poppies, it’s all ok.


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