Discoveries on Copyright and the CC Movement

I had no idea the specifics about copyright, WIPO, or IP. It made me a little nervous as many of the pictures I’ve used in the past have probably infringed on copyright laws.

I found a really useful website on WIPO which explained what IP means. IP is the creations of the intellect for which a monopoly is assigned to the designated owner by law. The purpose of IP is to “promote progress”. It does this by exchanging limited exclusive rights for disclosure of inventions and creative works, society, and the patentee/ copyright owner mutually benefit from it. IPR is the broader term of Intellectual Property Rights which include trademarks, copyright, patents, and industrial design rights.

There was very reliable government website which also gave me quite a bit of useful information about these topics- especially focusing on copyright. Copyright was especially interesting because unlike trademarks or patents copyright doesn’t need to be formally applied for. It’s purpose to provide rights for “authors of original works”.

Useful Tips Regarding Copyright

  1. You need to request permission if you want to reproduce someone’s work on their website, google images, etc.
  2. W/o permission you could end up with an infringement lawsuit.
Useful Tips on Creative Commons and Clearinghouses
  1. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that allows people who create things to give permission to the public to share and use their creative works- based on their choice (layed out in the CC Licence)
  2. There are actually a lot of people who want their content to be reused by others!
  3. You can search the CC site by keyword to find blog content, pics, vids, and more that you can use legally.
  4. If you’re not 100%  sure remember to ask for permission!
Copyright– What WordPress Won’t Allow
  1. Copyright Violation- If you create a site that uses content you didn’t have permission to use WP might take it down. Here’s a link to report copyright infringement. Click Here
  2. Don’t use Google Images to find pictures. (You’ll probs end up stealing someone else’s property.) Instead use a free stock photo site like Stock.SCING.
  1. You can protect your own page by putting “All content copyright YOUR BLOG NAME HERE” at the bottom of your page or in your “about” page.
A quick overview about some of the things encased in CMO’s (Collective Management Organizations). CMO’s became a thing because many authors/performers didn’t have the ability to pursue legal or administrative enforcement of their copyright and related rights.
Patents- for 20 years the inventor has the protection of the patent on their product. It can’t be recreated, sold, or distributed without the inventor’s consent
Trademarks- Similar to patents. These ensure owner of marks that they have the exclusive right to use them to identify their goods/services. Trademarks are usually words, symbols, drawings, etc.
Industrial Designs- Ornamental/ aesthetic aspects of an article. (Like 3D features, or 2D features)
Geographical Indication- Sign used on good that have a specific geographical origin/ possess qualities or reputation due to that place of origin (ag. products).

Copyright- grants authors, artists, and other creators protection for their literary and artistic creations/ works

In the future I plan on taking my own photos. If I can’t find a photo that will work I will probably use the free photo website I linked to above because they have many fascinating photos. I am going to be putting a copyright notice in my “About” page so other people know my work is protected. I am planning on carrying that out first thing in the morning.



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