It’s important to have many different types of friends. It’s nice to have friends that are more responsible than you are. They remind you of deadlines. They will switch your clothes from the washer to the drying and return the clothes that they borrow.

Everyone has at least one crazy friend. The one that is always down for anything and jumps in with both feet. S/he doesn’t care what others think although s/he sometimes should. It’s always a blast with this friend but it’s difficult to spend large amounts of time with him/her because s/he never comes up for air.

The third friend is that super innocent one. S/he is the one that you love dearly but always need to be slightly careful around. You tell them everything but can never be 100% honest and truthful because you feel slightly protective of their innocence. They make you want to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

My favorite type of friend is the one that knows everything. They aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re way off track but for the most part they will be there with you through everything. This friend is the one you can sit and talk with for eight hours straight. There’s never an awkward silence because there’s always so much to say.

I believe that every single one of these “types” are important. Do you have friends that fit these friend types?


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