I prountitled.pngmised an update on this little element. Plus the working out. This morning I promised myself that I would get a plain greek yogurt from Einstein Bagels. Then I walked in a smelled the bagels. I opted for a semi-healthy tomato-basil bagel with eggwhite  and ham. I even got a salad for lunch so I think I’m doing pretty good!

I ALSO SPENT MY EARLY MORNING AT THE GYM! I’m half asleep with my head nodding as I write this but I AM STICKING TO THIS! The issue with eating clean is that it costs a lot more $ which I’m currently not rolling in.

SOOOO… I set up a GoFundMe to support my new year new me goals. Donate at !




IF YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT ^^^^ WAS TRUE I’M CRYING. And you should be crying too if you’re that gullible. Although most of you don’t know me so it’s valid if you thought I was serious. Hmmm… I hope that saying I made a fake Go Fund Me isn’t illegal.

P.S. For those in Wikis and Weblogs #en3177 I PROMISE I’m not actually a heavy drinker. I typically drink about once a week so don’t be alarmed by my ostentatious blog post the other day. I have a pact to be completely honest to myself and others on this blog so I plan on telling my life like it is. THE GOOD, AND THE BAD.




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