Independence is Sexy

Shy Attractive Woman

I have come to the realization that independence is sexy. I have this weird head game that I play with myself called “Don’t text him first”. This may be a cute witty thing to do when you’re in junior high or high school and have a crush but that’s not the case. I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and I still periodically find myself having ridiculous thoughts in my head such as:

Don’t text him first. Make him make the first move. You don’t want to seem needy. Maybe it’s best not to talk to him for a while. You’re getting to dependent on him for feeling good. ect.

And there folks; is when things get jumbled up. I don’t know what it is but I think guys find it more attractive when we play hard to get sometimes. I’m not saying this has to be something that happens all the time, but INDEPENDENCE IS SEXY. A badass girl should be able to stay at her place by herself for a night to get homework/ housework done. She should be able to be happy hanging out with her own friends. And here’s the real truth: Once she is happy with her own life, she will be SO much more happy with him in her life. Instead of it being a big looming feeling that she needs; it’ll be a treat to see him! A treat to spend a night with him even if all you do is do homework together.

Next: When you don’t NEED him, he WANTS you. He’ll see that you’re having fun by yourself. He’ll see that and be impressed. Suddenly he’s going to want to spend time with you. He’s going to take time out of his day to spend with you. You are suddenly what he was to you at the beginning of this before you changed your mindset.

Please comment! Opinions welcome!


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