That Awkward Moment at the Nail Salon


Today I decided to get my nails done. Last time I got them done the Asian Lady didn’t understand that I wanted an Aztec design and instead gave me that stereotypical flower design on the ring fingernail. This time I didn’t want to make that mistake so I called every nail place in Bemidji hoping to find one that had someone I could understand answer the phone. It was no use. My conclusion is that one of the qualifications to work at a nail salon is that you must be Asian and only speak broken English. As racist as that sounds…

5 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Nail Salon:
1. So do I pay now or later?
2. How do I make them understand what I want without showing a picture? Shoot. I should have brought a picture.
3. Should I make small talk with this  lady?
4. At Beginning: I’m paying $40 to get this done… So do I really need to tip? At End: That was so much work for them! I’ll tip them for sure.
5.  Is she/he talking smack about me right now to the other Asians?


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